Micro Lithium Cell Bulk Pack 40 Batteries CR-2032-BULK

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Micro Lithium Cell Bulk Pack Batteries CR-2032-BULK

Batteries for Adventure Lights and Nite Ize

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PLEASE NOTE: Lithium Batteries need to be shipped by ground, so orders may be shipped in 2 boxes if ordered with items that can ship by Air.

40 Micro Lithium Cell Bulk Pack Batteries CR-2032-BULK.  This is a bulk pack of long lasting Maxwell CR-2032 batteries. This is a perfect bulk pack of batteries for the regular everyday adventurer who uses Adventure Light Guardian Lights or Night Ize lights often. 

The most common product which uses this battery is our Adventure Lights Guardian Light which uses one pack of two CR-2032 lithium battery cells.

These 3 volt lithium cell batteries are made by Hitachi Maxell - made in Japan.

You are buying a bulk pack of 20 battery cards, each has 2 (TWO) CR-2032 batteries, so the total number of batteries in this bulk package are 40 CR-2032 in twenty individual packs of two.