Reflexite V82 OEM School Bus Yellow Conspicuity Tape - 1"x150' Roll

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Reflexite V82 OEM Grade School Bus Yellow Conspicuity Tape

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Don't confuse this one with the regular reflective, hi-vis conspucuity tapes..........this stuff is made of the highest quality material and it's SERIOUSLY reflective! The durable construction resists abrasion and damage from solvents that are commonly encountered in the fleet industry. Its construction makes it impossible for dirt, water and other debris to penetrate. Providing the highest nighttime reflectivity in the industry V82 conspicuity tape exceeds minimum requirements by over 200%. With single layer construction there is no edge sealing required it is impact resistant and can be riveted through. This tape is engineered to meet or exceed FMVSS 131 & FMVSS 217.


  • Reflective Technology: Prismatic
  • Roll Size: 1" x 150'
  • Certified for: ASTM D4956 (Type V), FMVSS 131, FMVSS 217
  • Product Construction: Polyester, 3 mil PSA
  • Base Material: Metalized polyester
  • Color: School Bus Yellow
  • Backing: Pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Warranty: 10 Years


  • School Buses
  • Commercial vehicles & Agricultural equipment
  • Utility trailers/Boat trailers
  • Docks/Boats/Watercraft/PFD's
  • Sailboat masts and booms
  • Motorcycles, scooters, bikes and helmets
  • Golf Carts & Wagons
  • Wheelchairs/Walkers/Canes
  • Gates/Entryways/Fences/Railings
  • Mailboxes/Lightpoles/Signs
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