VIP Multi Mode Signal Light

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VIP Multi Mode Signal Light

The VIP Signal and Safety Light from Adventure Lights is the only waterproof light in the world that is a flashlight, emergency flasher and SOS survival beacon all in one terrific package. The VIP Signal Light is the pinnacle of portable emergency lighting. Tested in deserts, the Arctic, in the stratosphere and hundreds of feet below the sea, the VIP has proven to hold up to the demands of extreme environmental conditions over unpredictable terrain.  Many of the world's most elite military, police and search and rescue teams currently use the VIP and attest that it sets new standards of quality and reliability. Why not use what the pros use?

These five (5) LED multi mode signal lights are ideal where the need for high output, single colored safety or signal light is required. The light has three positions; steady on, SOS, and a 60 beat per minute strobe. When attached to a belt or suspenders, the light will become a very bright hands free flashlight. The universal mount turns this VIP into a long lasting work light. It is extremely durable and when used in SOS mode, becomes an emergency locating device.

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  • Case and Lens: Impact resistant with a brass threaded battery compartment
  • LED bulb: 5 - 10 mm LED
  • Light color: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow or White available
  • Visibility: Over 3 miles (5 km) over land and over 6 miles air
  • Size: 2.75" high (7cm) x 2" wide (5cm) x 1.25" thick (3.2cm) with stainless steel attachment clip
  • Weight: 3.9 ozs. with battery (110 grams)
  • Battery life: Steady-On: 8 - 50 hours, Flashing: 20 - 400 hours, 10 year shelf life
  • Battery type: 1 Lithium EL123A Battery

Hundreds of applications:

  • Positive ID for working in low light conditions
  • Marking dangerous areas / items
  • Marking machinery / vehicles
  • Building evacuation markers
  • Positive ID for Construction / Road side workers
  • Signal beacon for truck drivers (Replace flares)
  • Emergency beacon
  • Office power outages

General Instructions:

  • Twist clockwise one click for "Steady On" light, continue next click for "SOS" signal light, continue next click for "Flashing" mode or continue next click for "Off" position.
  • To change the battery, use a quarter or other flat edge tool to unscrew cap containing the battery counter clockwise. Remove old battery and insert new battery. Tighten cap by using same tool.

Authorized Adventure Lights Distributor

This product is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of one year. Should the product fail for any reason other than abuse or battery expiration, return it to: Adventure Lights 444 Beaconsfield Boulevard, Suite 201 Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada H9W 4C1 for free repair or replacement.

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