Reflexite Reflective Agricultural 3" Round Yellow Sticker

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Reflexite Reflective Agricultural 3" Round Yellow Sticker

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Made from Reflexite V82 conspicuity material these pre-cut reflective 3.12 inch yellow circles are designed to meet ANSI S276.7 standards for slow moving agricultural equipment but are perfect for almost any application that requires enhanced visibility.  Pressure sensitive adhesive backing with high performance prismatic reflective technology to enhance visibility. Withstands envoronmental conditions maintaining high visibility for up to 10 years minimum.


  • Pre-cut 3" circles
  • Ideal for heavy equipment, farm machinery, agricultural and industrial vehicles
  • Withstands high-pressure washing and extreme weather
  • Continues to reflect even after impact
  • Thin and flexible for easy application
  • Provides the longest sight detection distance
  • Can be trimmed with a utility knife or scissors

Specification Compliance:

  • ANSI/ASAE S276.7
  • ANSI/ASAE S279.15
  • ASTM D4956 (Type V)