Reflexite V92 DOT-C2 Daybright 11"R/7"W Conspicuity Tape 2X150

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Reflexite V92 DOT-C2 Daybright 11"Red/7"White Conspicuity Tape

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Reflexite® V92 Daybright® DOT Conspicuity Material is a tough weather-and solvent resistant product designed for rugged outdoor use on the sides and rear of trucks, trailers, buses, agricultural equipment, utility vehicles, automobiles and all types of mobile and industrial equipment. The sheeting is composed of cube corner (microprism) retroreflective elements integrally bonded to a flexible, smooth-surfaced, tough and weather-resistant UV stabilized polymeric film. Reflexite® V92 Daybright® is available in white, red and alternating red and white striping. The colors feature Daybright® technology to provide brighter more vivid daytime colors.


  • Tough, durable film resists cracking and lifting
  • Looks like new, long after application
  • Retains retro-reflective properties even when impacted
  • Exceeds FHWA for retrofit - DOT-C2
  • Bright daytime visibility, maximum night-time performance
  • 600 cpl. for excellent long distance detection
  • Exceeds the minimum requirements by 2.5 times


  • Type: Truck and Trailer
  • Material: Metalised Polyester
  • Thickness: 8 Mil
  • Width: 2"
  • Length: 150 ft. (click here for 2" x 18" strips)
  • Color: 11" Red/7" White
  • Adhesion Strength: 96 oz.
  • Performance Temp.: 175

Standards: FMVSS 108, DOT-C2, NHTSA

Warranty: 5 Year

5 Year Warranty

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