White Reflexite V82 DOT-C2 OEM Reflective Conspicuity Tape 2x150 Roll

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Reflexite V82 DOT-C2 OEM White Conspicuity Tape - 2" x 150' Roll

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You are buying One (1) White Silver DOT C2 Reflective Conspicuity Tape 2" X 150' Roll. Reflexite V82 DOT Conspicuity Material is a tough weather-and solvent resistant product designed for rugged outdoor use on the sides and rear of trucks, trailers, buses, agricultural equipment, utility vehicles, automobiles, and all types of mobile and industrial equipment.

Highest nighttime reflectivity in the industry

Exceeds minimum requirements by 200%

Can be riveted through

No edge sealing required

Impact resistant

Single layer construction

Thin and flexible for easy application

Withstands high pressure washing and resists edge lift

OEM preferred


  • Reflective Technology: Prismatic
  • Roll Size: 2" x 150'
  • Certified for: 49CFR 571.108, ASTM D4956 (Type V), CCMTA, FMVSS 108, LS300C, Transport Canada
  • Certified for: DOT-C2
  • Product Construction: Polyester, 3 mil PSA
  • Base Material: Metalized polyester
  • Backing: Pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Warranty: 10 Years


  • Provides the longest sight detection distance
  • Withstands high-pressure washing
  • Stands up to environmental conditions



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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  • 5
    Very Bright and easy to see

    Posted by Reverend Giggles on Feb 28th 2013

    I have bought reflectivity tape and put it on my wheelchair. It makes me easy to see and I don't have people running me over when I am out at night!

  • 5
    Great Light Reflection

    Posted by Bob on Feb 18th 2013

    This was applied around the forks of my motorcycle and a small strip on the latch of my back case. It's incredibly bright and seems to glow in the parking lot with no direct light. The tape is very sticky and quite flexible. I applied a strip to the back of my jacket as well and it seems to hold well. Hopefully it will last.

  • 5
    CRAZY Bright Tape

    Posted by Vic on Nov 26th 2012

    Please see my related comments for the 1" v82 Reflexite tape.

    Amazing brightness and off-angle performance.

    I compared this tape to a small equal-sized sample of SOLAS tape. I didn't perceive any major difference in brightness but for me the v82 has a better non-illuminated appearance -- featuring a somewhat discrete pattern printed in the tape vs the somewhat "dorky" looking maritime symbols printed in the SOLAS tape.

    The 2" v82 tape seemed to wrinkle more on curved surfaces than did my 1" v82 strips. My suggestion is to use 1" width for curves areas, reserve the 2" strips for flat surfaces.

    Terrific product!