5503/5504 Non-ANSI Enhanced Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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5503/5504 Non-ANSI Enhanced Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This Shirt is available in 2 colors, Lime and Orange. Also available in Tall Sizes.

Birdseye Breathable and Moisture Wicking Polyester Mesh

One Chest Left Front Pocket

Size: S-5XL, TL-T3XL



All the fabrics we use for the T-shirts are Moisture Perspiration Absorption Material,which help to regulate worker’s body temperature and reduce static electricity. It  has  been  shown  that  fabrics  which  wick  moisture  rapidly  through  the  fabric  while  absorbing  little water  help  to  regulate  body  temperature,  improve  muscle  performance  and  delay  exhaustion.