Hi Vis illuminite clothing

Night-Gear is driven by the passion to get you out there and active, no matter what time of day it is. Whether you run, cycle, or simply enjoy the outdoors, we want you to feel safe and comfortable day and night. Choose from a wide variety of illumiNITE clothing geared towards fitness enthusiasts who are determined to keep their workout schedule free and flexible, who want active wear to perform well and to fit even better, and who don't want to sacrifice style for comfort.

The designs found in the illumiNITE clothing collections are fun, fashionable and relaxed. illumiNITE carefully chooses their fabrics to ensure the very best in form and function, allowing you to feel supported and sleek at the same time. illumiNITE uses advanced fabric technology to create clothes that are waterproof, wind-resistant and form-fitting. The illumiNITE clothing line offers performance-driven apparel for all weather conditions, fused with energetic designs and an explosive color palette to match anyone's personal style. Not only will these clothes feel exceptional, but they will also look great on you.

The illumiNITE clothing line features All Condition Visibility, a patented system designed to enhance your safety while running at night. The highly specialized, illumiNITE fabric treatment guarantees full coverage illumination without sacrificing the form and fit you want to maintain during a workout. Our retroreflective active wear exceeds where others may fail by utilizing the illuminating technology without losing the fashion edge you want to complete your active wear wardrobe. Choose from our incredible selection of sportswear, available in all sizes for all shapes.

The illumiNITE clothing line will satisfy your needs for comfort, protection, support and style in your active wear. For more information feel free to contact us.