High Visibility Clothing

NightGear is dedicated in offering you all the current technology in today's styles of athletic apparel and the most up to date accessories to maintain a safe, productive workout in low light conditions. We carry quality sportswear manufactured from made to last, durable, reflective fabrics. We know that what you wear during a strenuous workout can make or break your routine. You need clothes that fit well and move with your body while keeping you dry and supported. Beyond this, NightGear believes that your clothes and accessories are also meant to keep you safe, especially during your nighttime runs or bike rides. We present the latest in retroreflective technology, delivering high-quality, high visibility clothing.

Athletes that enjoy the freedom of staying active, even after the sun goes down, know the importance of safety. When you are in the middle of a five-mile run, the last thing on your mind should be whether that driver coming up from behind can see you. illumiNITE high visibility clothing enables your silhouette to absolutely glow, and all the apparel we offer is designed to cover your entire form with retro-reflective microparticles. Each mirror-like particle reflects light directly back to the source. Rather than wearing vests or bibs that look the part of a highway construction team, our clothes are lightweight, flexible, breathable and brilliantly reflective.

We also carry an extensive line of occupational apparel designed for law enforcement organizations, such as police officers, search and rescue teams, or any other organization that relies on visibility as a key function in their work.

Looking for hi-vis pet gear to keep your furry friend safe as well? We have them covered too; Nite Dawg led collars and leashes, glow dog jackets and bandanas, even a personal beacon for your pets collar.

NightGear is your source for high visibility clothing and accessories for the outdoor, nighttime enthusiast. For more information, browse our catalog or contact us.