Princeton Tec Headlamps

Visibility is absolutely vital for the outdoor enthusiast, no matter what time of day. Whether work or play, Princeton Tec Headlamps feature the very best in illumination technology. If you, like so many others, find the best time of day to exercise is after the sun goes down, you may be looking for the right accessories to ensure that your workout is safe.

Princeton Tec provides high performance equipment that packs a lightweight punch while producing brilliant effects. We know that any extra weight you pull while exercising might hamper your workout experience, so Princeton Tec features some of the most lightweight, effective headlamps on the market. Stay cool, comfortable and secure with your QUAD Headlamp by Princeton Tec. This latest in hands-free lighting features 4-level LED functions to maximize performance capability in any environment. Whether on a path or on the streets, the QUAD's wide beam ensures the most visible coverage for any outdoor activity. The QUAD is exceptionally lightweight, housed in a super watertight, durable casing made to last.

Headlamps by Princeton Tec, such as the Princeton Tec Apex headlamp, are designed for hassle-free, maximum lightweight performance and enhanced comfort and fit. No more accidental slips nor need for readjustment, for every headlamp features an easy slip-on head strap designed to stay in place while you are on the go.

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