Petzl Headlamps

When choosing a headlamp, you first need to take a good look at your lifestyle. Do you need an all-purpose hands free light for camping, sailing, hiking, running or biking? Perhaps you are a triathlete or an adventure racer and you need a headlamp that can keep up with your level of activity. Or, do you need hands free lighting on the job. No matter what your needs, whatever you do from the first responder to the weekend warrior, we at NightGear are sure to have exactly what you are looking for in a headlamp. Be sure to check out our incredible selection of Petzl headlamps.

The best selling Tikka XP 2 features single multi-level LED fit to perform under any circumstance. With the touch of your finger the Tikka XP 2 converts from a penetrating focused beam ideal for the trail to a defused proximity light perfect for setting up camp or even reading in bed. Many Petzl headlamps can be fitted with colored lens to preserve your night vision. Petzl headlamps are made from durable, heavy-duty materials made to keep up with your activity level. Take the Myo XP with you on even the most rugged trail run, and see for yourself how well it performs. Ounce for ounce the Myo XP is the brightest headlamp you can buy

Petzl's new Ultra Headlamp is an UTRA-powerful LED headlamp with 3 regulated brightness levels and an ACCU 2 Ultra rechargeable battery. The Ultra offers 350 Lumens of regulated lighting and provides a consistent, wide, intense beam. The reserve power mode will give you up to 45min of 20 Lumens to get back to the car and the IP66 rating ensures that the ULTRA will perform in wet weather conditions. Take a look at the Tacktikka XP Adapt System that allows you to convert from a headlamp to a helmet mount to a belt attachment in seconds. Truly a flexible lighting system that will help you get the job done.

Petzl headlamps are designed for the high level of performance you need. In fact, Petzl invented the sport headlamp in the early 1970s and since then has continuously been a leader in technological innovations, offering headlamps for specific activities. Visit us at Night-Gear, and find the Petzl headlamp best suited to your active lifestyle. For more information, browse our catalog or contact us at NightGear Customer Service today.