Princeton Tec Flashlights

Princeton Tec uses innovative designs to create performance-driven flashlights that light up your world without weighing it down. These super lightweight flashlights are perfect for any outdoor activity, including nighttime walking, camping, hiking, running, or as a safety tool to get from your workplace to your parked car. Browse our incredible selection of aat NightGear, and find the perfect flashlight to fit your lifestyle.

Be sure to check out the Pulsar II a mini light that clips easily to key chains, backpacks, jackets or purses. A modest 4 lumens of light and 12 hours of battery life it comes in a selection of LED colors.

Another incredible flashlight from Princeton Tec is the AMP 4 a waterproof mid-sized flashlight for everyday use. The AMP 4 offers 2 brightness modes powered by a Maxbright Luxeon Rebel LED. Rechargeable batteries, alkaline batteries as well as lithium performance batteries are among the variations of battery options. All this and it's neatly packaged in a rugged Xylex housing for maximum durability.

For a chance to view the many styles, shapes and versatile designs in other flashlights available, simply visit NightGear online, your one-stop shopping venue for all of your hi-vis outdoor apparel and accessory needs. For more information, browse our catalog or contact us.