Safe Night Running

brooks running clothesSafe Night Running is the responsibility of the runner. The person who loves to run in the evening or night needs to take the proper precautions for what they might encounter while on their nightly excursion. This includes wearing the appropriate attire so the runner can be easily seen by others out running and driving.

Luckily for those that love to run to stay in shape or just for the fun of it, there is exercise apparel made of the best fabrics that help to remove the moisture from the skin and also have reflective qualities to them. One of the favorite fabrics many runners love to wear is the Vapor-Dry Plus. This removes the perspiration from your skin as you run leaving you dry and warm. It is light weight with a super soft feel next to your skin. There is also reflective material near the ankles so you will be seen at night. By being at the ankles, maximum movement from you running can be seen for a longer distance so other around you will know of your presence. This is a safety feature many runners appreciate when they are out after the sun dips below the horizon.

If you like a more visible presence then there are numerous jackets that can be worn that do not hinder your freedom of movement while still presenting your presence in the area where you are exercising. The most popular colors worn by night runners are bright orange, nightlife neon yellow and bright pink for the ladies. You find these bright colors in jackets and also in vests and tops.

It is an enjoyable time running at night. Most of the crowds during the daytime are home so the traffic on the sidewalks and the paths in the parks are easier to navigate. Because there are fewer people around not only do you have to make sure it is easy for anyone to see you, but you should also be prepared to make contact with emergency response teams if you have an unfortunately accident. This should be done by having a cell phone on you at all times.

Another way many runners protect themselves is to write their names and contact information on their shoes. This way just in case a person falls and is unconscious, they can receive help by emergency personal. One thing most often forgotten but of vital importance is along with your contact information include your blood type just in case it is needed.

The reason so many people love to run at night are it is cooler, less crowed and more enjoyable. Just remember to wear the proper clothing so you can be seen, and that will help to prevent unwanted accidents from occurring. Remember since it is dark you should run on a path or route that you know so you will be aware of any of the obstacles that might be in your way and you will be able to safely navigate your way home again. As for running clothes a good choice is Brooks Running Clothes

Apr 16th 2018 Douglas Gray

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