Being Seen with Reflective Night Gear at Dusk

What do joggers and bicyclists need to wear to be seen at dusk? They need to increase awareness of their presence with a High Visibility safety device that either generates a light source or reflects an exterior light source back to its origin. This Reflective Night Gear will make it easier for others to see the cyclist and jogger in this changing dusk light.

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The reason for joggers to use this type of safety equipment at dusk is because many of the people around them will be used to seeing with a bright light source, the sun. As it fades over the horizon, it takes time for the pupils of the eyes to adjust to the diminished amount of light that is present. To help the joggers that enjoy a run at this time of the day there are a wide variety of items they can be wearing to help others see them better. There are Hi Viz jackets, vests, pants, hats and gloves that can be worn. To help match the right clothing apparel to the person these safety items are made for both males and females with the appropriate fashion sense built in so they well look appropriate. Also, Adventure Expedition Safety Lights are great safety beacons that can be worn and clipped on your clothes for great night reflective visibility.

Each of the clothing items mentioned above are safety devices to make the joggers more highly visible in the reflective clothing because they have incorporated into them the illumiNITE technology into and onto the fabric. This technology takes micro beads of glass and places them into the fabric. The beads act in the same principal as a prism in which they allow light to penetrate them then reflect them back to their original source. This type of technology is placed in the fabric of the cloths. In some items it is the entire fabric while in others it is concentrated in stripes.

The advantage of having the entire article of clothing with this technology is to provide a complete silhouette of the person wearing it so the driver of the oncoming vehicle can really see who and what they are. This will make it perfectly clear to all around that there is a person there and no chance you could be mistaken for a road sign or guard rail.

Another type of safety device is the Panther Vision Neon LED Structured Cap. This is like a baseball cap but the color is neon yellow for a high level of visibility along with reflective gray trim to increase its ability to become visible to others. Built into the cap under the visor is an LED light. This light projects a beam out and down at a 25 degree angle so the person wearing it can see the road or terrain in front of them up to 42 feet away. Others around them will also be able to see the light and know of your presence.These are a few things a jogger can do to help make themselves more visible in the diminishing light that occurs at dusk. This approach is considered to a preventive measure against accidents.

Oct 11th 2014 Douglas Gray

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