Find Your Inner RAGNAR

What is a RAGNAR? A 200-mile, two-day team relay race, taking place all over the country.

If you love to run with your friends, form a team! Each team member runs three legs, and legs vary from three to eight miles. So the teams need to be big enough to cover 200 miles.

Ragnars are FUN! Relay teams create themes, decorate team vans, and wear costumes.

Every Ragnar runner HAS to wear reflective running gear, and Night-gear offers a reflective sport vest that is specifically designed to offer maximum comfort during aerobic activity.

Every team member has to have a reflective running vest before he/she is allowed to enter the course. Each team must have 2 headlamps and 2 blinking LED safety lights, too.

Runners that start their leg after the hours designated by the Ragnar director must be wearing their reflective running vest, a headlamp, and a blinking LED taillight. Team members that are outside their van for any reason after dark have to wear their reflective  vest, too.

A person in street clothes at night is visible to drivers from 200 feet. A quality reflective running vest can increase that distance to 1200 feet or more. When you add a taillight and headlamp, your visibility is increased even more.

These safety rules are an important part of Ragnar’s reputation as a safe, challenging, fun race.

Ragnar races can be found in most major metropolitan areas of the US. This fall, races will happen in Pennsylvania, Las Vegas, and Tennessee. Check the Ragnar race schedule for details.

For more information on purchasing quality reflective running gear, please contact us.

Sep 27th 2012 Mark Wilson

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