Hi Vis Reflective Clothing Helps You Be Seen and Be Safe

Hi Vis Helmet MarkerAt NightGear we have the Hi-Vis Reflective items the daily night worker or jogger and Bicycle rider needs to be safe on the road or work place. Sometimes even the middle of the day can become a very dangerous time of the day if you can't be seen! Our reflective Hi Vis products, like the hi vis jackets or hi vis vests, increase your chance of being seen. This in turn increases your safety. If you are a cyclist, you need reflective gear that helps keep you seen on the road and keep you safe. Every cyclist can tell a story about a close call, especially now when there are so many distractions and visibility becomes difficult. Reflective gear can help make you visible, and Hi-Viz clothing and Hi Vis products reflect the light that is there to show your presence. Many people like the additional visibility created by wearing a headband lamp. NightGear has a large selection of Head Lamps for your bicycle, and for attachment on your clothing or helmet. Be safe at night, and see the large selection of headlamps you can wear or put on your bike. Tag-It  LED lights and Expedition LED Lights clip onto your clothes, and are light weight safety lights that runners, hikers and bikers love. Even your dog can wear a LED Light to protect it. NightGear also has Vizlets which are Hi Viz LED clip on lights that are great for adding another source of High Visibility gear. When darkness falls - let us light your path.

Sep 29th 2014 Austin Silla

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