High Visibility Clothing: A Safety Necessity!

High visibility clothing is a safety necessity in all kinds of activities and in all kinds of weather. Think of this as personal protection - when biking, running, working, boating, or anything else you do outside in low-light conditions.

Reflective clothing used to incorporate a neon block or stripe of color with reflective tape. Now safety activewear is made with light-weight, washable reflective materials, designed for various activities, and in great styles and high-visibility colors (neon green, orange, yellow, hot pink and others).

For Cycling

Bikers are out there at all times of day and night, and in all kinds of weather. This is simple: high visibility clothing will dramatically improve your safety.

Drivers are not always paying attention! Rain, fog, dusk, dawn, and night are conditions that require extra reflection and lighting. When sharing the road with a driver, prepare yourself for any condition. Give drivers a break and help them see you.

Wear a light-weight reflective vest or add some reflective tape to your seat post. Both of these solutions are low cost and increase your visibility to others.

Attach cycling lights to your bike which are required in most every state. There are many low cost products that will help you see your way and been seen buy others.

For Jogging

Early fall can be the best time to run - whether training for a long-distance run, or jogging for the first time, or simply enjoying the cooler weather. To be safe is to be seen. Wear a brightly colored running vest or jacket at all times.

For warmer weather, try our breathable tee with reflective stripes on the sleeves and running shorts in the same pattern. All our products are efficient and comfortable. Add a headlamp that securely fits while running.

For Work

If you’re working on an outdoor site, or monitoring a crosswalk, or otherwise spend your working hours outside, you’ll need highly visible clothing to keep you safe. Night-gear offers quality high-viz vests, overalls, and other outdoor high visibility work clothing in a variety of weights and materials to accommodate different jobs and seasons.

For rainy weather, a brightly colored waterproof hooded jacket like the Helly Hansen Potsdam Jacket will keep you comfortable day and night while protecting you from the elements and the dangers of not being seen in low light.

Emergency Medical Technicians and First Responders should check out the Ascent Mountain Rescue Parka for four season reflective safety, comfort and style.

If you have any questions about high visibility clothing and are unsure which would be the best fit for you, contact us. We have a large selection of high quality reflective and high visibility apparel backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Sep 21st 2012 Mark Wilson

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