High Visibility Petwear for Your Dog

Reflective Pet Collar

Winter is on the way, and that means that our days are becoming shorter, with darkness encroaching upon our early mornings and early evenings.  Whether you walk or run with your dog around the neighborhood or you’re a hunter who gets an early (and dark) start, you should consider outfitting your best friend with  High visibility petwear .

Maybe you’ve never considered reflective dog accessories; maybe you didn’t even know such things exist.  Or maybe your dog is well-trained, always on his leash or in a fenced yard, a perfect hunting companion…So why spend the money?

The truth is that leashes break, dogs can and do get out of their yards, and enthusiastic hunting companions sometimes disappear, even if they’re actually not too far away. Reflective petwear in most cases is no more expensive than the non-reflective accessories you purchase for your best friend: collars, leashes, harnesses, jackets and even bandanas.

How Does it Work?

Fluorescent colors help you to be seen in the daytime and near dusk; they appear very bright because of the way they absorb and emit different kinds of light. However, fluorescent colors don't show up in the dark or 'glow in the dark'.

In order to be seen at night, however, reflective materials are required. Reflective materials work at night by bouncing back the light from a source. Light can also be reflected by white or pale objects, but these will scatter the reflected light in all directions.

High visibility materials made for nighttime are called 'retro-reflective' because they are designed to bounce most of the light back to its source instead of scattering it.  Plastic tape made of retro-reflective material is very long-lasting, can be made in a variety of different colors.

Where Do I Start?

Night-Gear offers a great selection of protective gear for your best friend, including a hunting dog light with an emergency beacon. To find out more, contact us.

Oct 9th 2012 Mark Wilson

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