How Hikers Use A Personal Flashing Beacon Light

A very popular flashing beacon found at NightGear is the Adventure Light. How hikers use a Adventure Lights personal flashing beacon light is just a little different than most others would use the safety beacons especially if they are in a group. The constantly flashing beacon is a great way to get noticed, but following one for hours can get a little annoying. Because of this many professional hikers and guides into the forest are wearing the beacon clipped to their hat or are wearing a helmet to not only protect their heads from impact but also a place for a sure mounting of the personal flashing beacon. NightGear has many reflective hats to choose from that you can clip this beacon to.

With the mounting of the flashing light on top of a person’s head, those following behind them will not have the light flashing on and off in their eyes for extended periods of time. This makes it possible for the people behind the leader to better concentrate on where they are placing their feet and being able to clearing see the path. 

Another place where the safety flashing beacon can be placed and not interfere with the vision of those behind them is on top of the back pack if they are wearing or carrying one. This is at a high enough placement that the people following behind can look down and avoid the constant flashing of the light. 

Adventure Lights

The reason the placement of the personal flashing beacon on a hiker is so critical is because with a constantly flashing light in a person’s eyes, their focus will on their surroundings could become impaired. This is not a situation you would like to be in when traveling by foot in the wilderness. 

The need for the personal flashing beacon by those that travel by foot on wilderness trails is of great importance. This makes it possible for anyone, including the leader of the expedition to keep track of all persons in their party they are responsible for. If one or more people begin to wander off or are falling behind. The flashing light will help the others in the group to notice this and locate them.

The personal flashing beacon will also help rescue workers, in not only locating a group of hikers hidden under the forest canopy, but also those lost or injured individuals. This makes searching for the lost or injured easier by air and those on the grounds. The easier it is for others to find a person or group in the woods, the better chances of survival.
The hikers use a personal safety flashing beacon so they can be pinpointed in a large area of wilderness. Most others that use this safety device are in areas where there are many people and the flashing light is used to distinguish them from others and their surroundings. The commonality of the use in the personal flashing beacon is so a person can be noticed.

Sep 21st 2014 Douglas Gray

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