How Horse Riders Use A Personal Flashing Beacon Light

How horse riders use an Adventure Lights personal flashing beacon light is very different than most others because there is an animal involved that could become spooked. For this reason the flashing unit itself should not be near the head of the horse. 

Like most people out at night or who venture into the woods, the use of the Adventure Expedition Guardian Lights personal safety flashing beacon has only one real purpose. This is to help other find and see you in any weather or light condition. With the flashing LED lights, there is great visibility for those around you to locate where you are.

Just like the cyclist, the horse back rider can use places on the horse itself for the placement of the flashing light beacon. This is generally only done on the sides where the LED Expedition Adventure Light can be hooked to the saddle. There are a few that do place one in the rear on the top of the saddle bags but most riders will wear one on their back so its placement on top of the saddle is considered as an auxiliary and is optional because of the Personal Flashing Beacon that is on the riders clothing or hat. 

Adventure Lights

If the horse is going to be near a road, the same lighting pattern of a motor vehicle is advisable to follow. This will have a red flashing beacon light in the rear and another yellow beacon lens on the side. This will make it easier for any driver to not only see you on your horse but also recognize you as an obstruction they should avoid quicker than if they would have to think about it.

No matter what you are using and where they are located, there should always be a personal safety flashing beacon with a white or clear lens with you. This is the safety device that can be seen up to 3 miles in any unobstructed angle. This is the easiest and most efficient means of being found just in case the rider is thrown from the horse or if another type of accident occurs and the person needs to be found by a search party.

For some riders of horses, the placement of the white flashing personal beacon is placed on top of their head. This will make it possible for the light to be seen no matter the position of the body is in if an accident occurs.

The personal flashing beacons are not just used for emergency location of a rider but also a way for a plane or helicopter to spot your group when traveling through the forest to a camp ground or other destination. 

Today there is nothing better available in means of being able to send out a light signal to permit others to know exactly where you are located. The power supply only weighs a few ounces and the light source is very durable. This type of unit is also water proof as entering water or being rained on does not cause a hazard, so there is no limitation to the Personal Safety Flashing Beacons usage.

Oct 6th 2014 Douglas Gray

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