How Hunters Use A Dog Hunting Flashing Beacon Light for their Dog

There are many ways hunters use a dog hunting flashing beacon light (like the ones made by Adventure Lights) for their dog so they can know just where they are in a thick underbrush or on an open field after the sun sets. Night hunting is not new, but the new tools available to the hunter, like the dog flashing beacon, does reduce the number of accidents that can occur.

One of the leading areas of accidents that can occur at night by a hunter, especially for a new hunter, is the accidental shooting of their dog when the dog approaches them when they are out hunting and they are not fully aware it is their partner in the hunt and not the animal they are hunting. 

Adventure Lights

The placement of this flashing beacon is on the collar of the dog with the actual light on the upper most section on their neck, at the top back bone area. This will give the flashing light the best visibility to a hunter whose eyes are at a higher elevation than the head of the dog. 

For those of you that are not hunters, the use of a beacon on your dog during a night hunt is advantageous to have other than protecting your dog from an accidental gunshot wound. With the dog wearing an active flashing beacon, the animals in the woods will see it. With their eyes focuses on the dog’s presence, they do not generally notice the hunter that is with them. In many instances this allows the hunter to get close.

Another use of the dog hunter flashing bacon is to use the canine to flush the intended prey towards the hunter. With the animals that are the focus of the hunt only aware of the dog’s presence, they can more easily be flushed in the direction of the hunter by the canine. This can increase the chances of a successful night hunt.

Because a really bright light is not preferred, color used by most hunters for their canine friend to wear is green or yellow. This will give the dog a small degree of stealth even with a flashing light on their upper back.

Since the dog hunter flashing beacon makes it possible for the hunter to see their dog no matter the weather or area they are in, it can also be used around the yard and neighborhood at night. This makes it possible for the hunter and owner of the canine in question to locate him even when they are just relaxing on a walk or he is running around the neighborhood at night. 

On walks at night with their owner, the dog’s flashing beacon also alerts drivers of not only the dog’s presence but also the owner, increasing the level of safety for both of them when the walk is occurring near a road.

Nov 14th 2014 Douglas Gray

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