How Sky Divers Use A Personal Flashing Beacon Light

How sky divers use a Adventure Lights personal flashing beacon light allows for those on the ground to know the location of them. The use of the personal safety flashing beacon serves two main purposes. Not only is the location of the sky diver known to all that are looking up, but if there is an unfortunate accident, the flashing beacon can help locate the wounded person.

Since most sky divers open their shoots below 3 miles, the distance limitation of 3 miles the flashing personal beacons give off can clearly be seen. For many this is helpful for the chase vehicles that have to retrieve the sky divers, especially the beginners that have not learned how to steer their canopy yet.

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Unlike other people that wear this flashing safety device, the sky divers are elevated above the heads of most people. This makes it possible for a perfectly unobstructed view of them as they are falling to the ground. This ease of locating them is only possible with the flashing beacon. For most people, the sky diver is just a speck in the sky that is very hard to locate.

The use of the sky diving flashing beacons are necessary today with the risks associated with this close to the edge type of sport. Most people do not understand why so many people like to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Others just love the rush of adrenaline and the close to death experience. Whatever the view is, the flashing beacon can help locating the sky diver no matter where they are falling to or at what speed.

Because the modern personal flashing beacon uses the latest technology, they are light weight and very visibly along with being one of the most durable light sources available today. The advancement came mainly from the use of the LEDs as the preferred light source. This is a light weight diode that can produce a light for up to 100,000 hours before fading. It also does not contain a filament like incandescent bulbs do. Because of that the LED can be hit, drop and subjected to very rough treatment and still be able to function. The other advancement in technology that the new personal flashing beacon takes advantage of is the light weight power source of lithium batteries. No longer does a person have to lug around heavy D size batteries that only have a short life span. Today the power source for the flashing beacon is a lithium battery. The same size that powers a watch is used in this type of safety device. Because it’s light weight and can last up to 10 days of continuous use in a beacon, a rescue workers job has been made easier. 

The sky divers also use the flashing personal beacon during air shows so a graphical display from above can be made. This is done when a group of sky divers join together for a jump.

Jul 27th 2015 Douglas Gray

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