How Swimmers Use A Personal Flashing Beacon Light

Swimmers use Adventure Lights personal flashing beacon lights a little differently than people using them on land. Because the swimmer spends most of his time with the front of his body facing the water (unless he is doing the back stroke), it wouldn’t be very efficient for his to be wearing the personal flashing beacon on his front. Unless he is trying to alert an under water diver or submarine to his presence, it is more efficient for a swimmer to wear the light on his back. This makes it possible for the swimmer to be spotted by people on land, or in a boat nearby.

Adventure Lights

Personal flashing beacon lights have come a long way since they were first introduced. The lights you can purchase today are more compact and extremely light in weight. This is the result of the new thinner lightweight lithium batteries that were developed. Most people are aware of them when they need a battery for their watch. Those same little disk shaped batteries are what also now powers the personal flashing beacons. This power source stores so much energy that the flashing beacon can last up to 10 days of continuous work.

Another technological development is the shift away from iridescent light bulbs. In most homes florescent bulbs are now very common. For use in flash lights and the personal flashing beacon, the development of the LED lamp has made it possible for scientists to create a durable light source that will last. The new LED light has the ability to last and give off a visible beam for up to 100,000 hours. The durability of the new style of lamp has also changed from the old style that had a filament. The LED is a light emitting diode and does not have a filament in its makeup, and if dropped, the light can continue to work. This has created a very durable light source for both swimmers and athletes alike.

Both of these developments are now used in the modern personal flashing beacon that can be purchased. Because of its new compact size, the entire inner contents can also be sealed from the exterior atmosphere. With the use of o-rings and sealants, the inside can now be made completely waterproof for up to 300 feet deep. This is great news for swimmers because now they can carry a light source and keep themselves much safer when out in the water.

By having the newer style personal flashing beacon, a swimmer can place it anywhere on their body they choose, even underwater. In most instances it is placed on their back so the light is visible for longer distances. If the swimmer were to ever find themselves in danger, this light will help rescue workers, family, or friends come to their rescue. High-visibility gear helps more and more people to be easily seen, and being seen is being safe.

Apr 13th 2016 Kylie Naugle

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