How Walkers Use A Personal Flashing Beacon Light

How walkers use an Adventure Lights clip on personal flashing beacon light that maximizes the attention of those around them and is important to help keeping them safe when out at night. This type of personal protective equipment can be placed in a variety of locations. 

Because the person is walking and not jogging or running, they can be on the ankles and or wrists of the walker. This provides for not only the flashing of the beacon to attract the attention of others around them but the movement of the light is faster than the body which also helps to attract attention. One must remember that the reason for wearing a flashing light beacon is so the person will be easily seen. 

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Other placement of the flashing light beacon can be on a person’s front and or back. This is dependent on just where they are walking and what direction the oncoming traffic is flowing. A flashing light beacon is not as effective if it is worn on the front and the traffic is approaching from the rear and vice a versa. 

Others like to have their flashing beacon on top of their head. This will make it possible to send out a beam of light in all directions. No matter which way their head is facing, the beam is making their presence know to all drivers and other walkers in their vicinity.

The flashing light beacon used today has a light source which is an LED. Most of them are powered by a long life lithium battery that is similar to the ones in wrist watches. This light weight yet durable components of this personal protective equipment means they can be worn for long period of time in operating conditions without the person feeling worn out from the extra load since they are very light weight.

Along with the personal flashing beacon, many walkers are also wearing reflective active wear. This can be pants, a shirt or just a jacket. By having a passive system and an active lighting system on their person, they give themselves the best chances of being noticed by drivers of cars and bicycles who might by on the same path as they are. Remember the reason for this and other types of personal protective equipment is to get noticed and set yourself apart from your surroundings. 

A walker can wear a personal flashing beacon anywhere they personally want to. What should be thought about is just whose attention are you attempting to attract? This can help in the decision making process. Another consideration is the color of the lens. White, red, blue, green and yellow are all fashionable,and are easy to see at night and gain a lot of attention. So make a fashion statement and protect yourself from being hit or involved in an accident when deciding placement and color of the flashing beacon.

Sep 15th 2014 Douglas Gray

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