Make Sure Your Trick-or-Treaters Are Visible This Halloween

Halloween costumes can incorporate many safety features so that your trick-or-treaters can look cool and also be safe at night.

Think about it ... your kids can look great with different kinds of illumination and reflectivity, and can be more easily seen by passing cars and groups of other trick-or-treaters.

Reflective Halloween trick-or-treat bags made with reflective material or a plastic pumpkin-shaped candy container with a light source such as a glow stick can allow your children to be seen at a distance. Both types are easy to carry and offer good visibility.

There are many kinds of safety lights that can become part of your child’s costume, including flashlights, headlamps, slap-bands, glow sticks, as well as reflective tapes and dots.

Adults and children should carry flashlights in their hands, pockets, or trick-or-treat bags. There are smaller flashlights for little hands, and can be kept on for the duration. Larger, more durable and long-lasting flashlights are good for the adult supervisors of the trick-or-treat group.

Headlamps can be worn around the head, around a wrist, and around legs and arms as part of a pirate or other kind of costume. Lights stay on for many hours and don’t need to be turned off and on. Night-gear carries a large selection of headlamps including children’s headlamps in green, pink and yellow, and are perfect for both boys’ and girls’ costumes.

Slap-bands on wrists and ankles can be incorporated into just about any kind of costume, and are fun for children to wear.

Kids love glow-sticks; they add an inexpensive and fun element to Halloween.

Reflective tape and dots can be stuck on masks, jewelry, clothing, footwear to add increased reflectivity to your child’s costume. Let them figure out where to stick on the reflective tape and dots; it allows them to be part of their own safety planning for Halloween!

Sep 28th 2012 Mark Wilson

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