The difference between Hi-Vis and Reflective Materials

Hi Viz Clothing

So what's better - hi-vis clothing or reflective apparel? Depending on the application, the difference could determine the wearer's safety level in low-light situations. Making sure you know that difference is imperative. 

Fluorescent material is manufactured with light-converting pigments that are meant to enhance light in the visible spectrum, reflecting additional light from the fabric. Therefore, highly visible, or fluorescent clothing is better used where higher levels of UV light are present, as in the daytime. Because artificial light has very small amounts of UV light fluorescent clothing does little good at night. 

Retro-reflective materials however, directs almost all of the light falling on the fabric to be reflected back towards the light source. This allows more visibility but only within the range aligned with that source of light - say, from a driver's point of view, directly behind his headlights. 

Both hi-vis and reflective clothing have shown to improve safety in low-light situations when used properly. Combining both hi-vis clothing with reflective strips and accessories increases wearer safety in both recreational and workplace situations. 

At NightGear, we take the safety of every one of our customers very seriously. Which is why we only carry the highest quality reflective and high visibility workwear and outerwear available anywhere. We strive to make sure that the garments that you choose for protection, do so at the highest levels, consistently, reliably and inexpensively.  

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Mar 19th 2014 Austin Silla

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