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brooks running clothesThe reason for running by each person is different and the same. The particular reason you have decide to take up this low impact workout is a personal one. What you and all of the other people around the world that run have in common is that by running you increase your blood flow and are burning more calories than a person who is just sitting idly by.

The venue in which you run in is one of two choices. There are those that like to run on a treadmill in their home or a gym and there are those that enjoy the outdoors and run in the streets and on trails. What has been noticed is that those that actually cover a distance when running, runners not on a treadmill, run for a longer period of time and are more aggressive in their pace than people running on a treadmill. One of the main reasons for this is that if you are outside running you cannot just stop and go about your day like on a treadmill.

Doctors, nutritionists and exercise gurus have compiled countless lists of reasons for people to run and their health benefits. On these lists are items of losing weight, building muscles and increase your blood flow. It is the increase in blood flow that is the most beneficial to most.

By increasing your heart rate the blood in your arteries flows at a higher volume level. Since your blood is the transportation mechanism your body uses to spread the nutrients where it is needed and remove the waste so it will not accumulate, this mechanism must be in top working condition. By running this mechanism is utilized to its fullest helping to keep it and all of your associated organs in proper working order.

All right that is the basic health reasons for running. Now on to the real reason most people like to run. Running is something that just comes natural for people to do. It is instinctive when you need to get somewhere fast so you do not miss it like a bus pulling away from a stop or a door is closing. The act of running is just picking up the pace at which a person is moving. Most of us do not even think about it before we increase our pace, we just do it.

Many people also need a physical outlet to release inner tension and stress. Running is a natural non-destructive path for the release of this bound up energy that is searching for a way out. All running activities release energy. The faster a person runs, the greater the release of this energy occurs. For those of us that have stressful lives, once the energy is released we are tired and less stressed out. With the increase in blood flow, our brains are clearer and we can think more rationally.

The reason each person runs varies, but one thing that is for sure is that every able body person does run, it is just 

instinctive to do so. Don’t forget the running clothing - visit Brooks Running Clothes

Apr 5th 2018 Douglas Gray

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